An ancient healing art for modern day stress

 Shakti Kutir शक्ति कुतिर

The Energy Cottage

New Treatment Room

100 Priory Road, Hastings, TN34 3JE

( A place to retreat, relax, refresh and reflect)

Ayurvedic treatment room

Yoga & meditation space

Sauna with wash room

Shakti Kutir pictures
of the work in progress

Allow yourself the privilege of a retreat from the world, step into a safe space of healing and harmony.
Shakti Kutir, a Sanskrit name meaning the energy cottage.
Ayurvedic massage is an ancient health treatment, using warm herbal oils.
I use my foot or hands to massage the oils into the body, which helps alleviate knots, aches and deep rooted pain.
It also has a very calming and clarifying effect on the mind.

Sessions with foot (Chavutti Thirumal)

Kalari hand massage

Prices start from 40

Ayurvedic head and shoulder massage (with reiki)

1 hour or 90 minutes from 35

Mini Retreats

At Shakti Kutir I offer a one to one personalised retreat lasting either 4-6 or 8 hours

  • Starting at 6 am with a yoga class

  • A fresh fruit/veg juice

  • Ayurvedic massage/sauna session

  • Reiki treatment

  • Guided meditation /deep relaxation

Contact Chris for costs: 01424 432513 Mobile: 07503 095912 




What's new

New Treatment Room

Ayurvedic foot massage

Ayurvedic hand massage

Ayurvedic head massage

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation CDs



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