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Opening to Yoga. Awakening the Heart

a double CD, designed as a class session.
Including yoga postures, breathing exercises,
chi gung and a guided meditation.

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At Southwater Community Centre
1 Stainsby St, Saint Leonards-on-sea TN37 6LA

Saturdays 09.OO - 10.30  Fee 9

Thursdays 09.30-10.30 and 11.00 -12.00  Fee 5

or 30 per 6 week block

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One to one yoga/meditation at Shakti Kutir


To book, phone Chris on 01424 432 513 or 07503 095912





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Listen to
Om Gaham Namahaa
meditation video



I have been teaching Yoga for the past 15 years, and studied mainly in India under the skilful guidance of various accomplished teachers from the Bihar School of Yoga and
Swami Isa in Kerala.

I'm currently teaching group and private classes in Hastings, East Sussex. A class usually lasts 90 minutes and will consist of:

subtle breathing work
mental awareness instruction
Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation)


There are number of benefits of yoga. The regular practising of Yoga will help you to understand and know yourself better inside and out. The vast and immense benefits of Yoga will enable you achieve all you wish in several aspects of your life both mentally and physically.

There are some of following physical benefits of Yoga, some of them can be achieved with wonderful regular practice.

Stable autonomic nervous system
Pain reduction
Blood pressure reduction
Galvanic skin response increase
Muscular strength increase
Gastrointestinal function standardization
Peace of mind, and many more

Yoga enhances your strength, energy, vitality, flexibility and levels of endurance. Accordingly, your body and mind start to become more balanced until, finally, you find it takes so much less energy to move through the day. Anyone can do less and get a lot more achieved.

Meditation is a mental discipline by which the practitioner effortlessly goes beyond the reflexive, "thinking" mind, into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness. Meditation is a component of many religions, and has been practised since antiquity. It is also practised outside religious traditions. Different meditative disciplines encompass a wide range of spiritual or psychophysical practices that may emphasize different goals, from achievement of a higher state of consciousness to greater focus, creativity or self-awareness, or simply a more relaxed and peaceful frame of mind.

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