Ayurvedic Hand Massage


Ayurvedic hand massage is renowned for:
Relieving back tension, spasms, stiffness in the neck and shoulders
Alleviating mental and emotional pressure
Increasing  vigour and raising energy levels
Promoting a feeling of self acceptance and inner peace.
Deepening the breathing pattern
Lymph drainage, de-toxifying accumulated toxins in the body.

Ayurvedic hand massage or Kalari is one part of the traditional detoxification and rejuvenation program of India called ‘Pancha Karma‘, which is one aspect of the Indian holistic health care system ‘Ayurveda’. The entire body is vigorously massaged with large amounts of warm oil and herbs to remove toxins from the system. These treatments have been modified to meet the needs of the West and have been powerful in their effects upon the mind and nervous system, calming, balancing and bringing both a heightened sense of awareness and deep inner peace.

This is primarily focused on the back, sides and face; long, firm sweeping  movements are used with traditional oils. Both hands work in tandem, creating a deeply relaxing state, and all the main muscle regions are massaged, especially the neck, shoulders, lower back and backs of the legs.

Kalari can stimulate blood circulation and the flow of the vital force by relieving congestion in nerve endings and muscles.

The cost for this massage: from £40 

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