OPENING TO YOGA. AWAKENING THE HEART   £15.00                                       
A double CD, designed as a class session.
Including yoga postures, breathing exercises, chi gung and a guided meditation.

Samples:        Yoga clip 1          Yoga clip 2          Yoga clip 3          Yoga clip 4

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CD offering the priceless instruction of Yoga Nidra.

Samples:    Air          Water          Consciousness

This hour long CD consists of 6 X 10 minute guided meditations, designed to awaken sensitivity to the main energy centres, known as Chakras.
Each track has a corresponding visualisation and affirmation, accompanied by emotive background  music.
Yoga Nidra has been proven to be an effective aid in alleviating mental and emotional problems.
Allow yourself the time and space to detach from the world and its woes, and to tune into deeper, refreshing aspects of yourself.

“Chris’s voice is so loving and soothing, as he gently guides you to a deep rest on all levels. I felt safe and over-lighted by his soothing presence, which opened a space to journey straight into stillness and love. Thank you so much Chris!”   Christine.

YOGA NIDRA THROUGH THE CHAKRAS       £9.99        Opening to Yoga